Universal Partnership was started by Matthew Bell in March 2013 to work with small businesses in the hospitality and services sector – with a special focus on pubs, hotels, and cafes.

We’ve collaborated so closely with many such business owners that they see us as partners in the business rather than accountants.

Helping them find cash savings, time savings, or simply providing an independent pair of ears with which to share a problem makes a real difference to their lives.

That’s important to us: small business owners are the heart and soul of the Australian economy. We feel strongly that they shouldn’t be denied the professional expertise available to corporate clients with unlimited budgets.

“Nothing beats working on a plan with a client that seems a bit out of reach before they implement it and then watching them smash the goals they set.”

Now based in Jindabyne in the Snowy Mountains, it’s been a long journey to get here; but it’s one that has given us all the right tools to help you on your own journey.

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A word from Matthew…

Not many accountants start out by dreaming of becoming an accountant!
But when I was at school, that’s all I wanted to do. Yes… really!

My father runs his own panel-beating business and my mother now runs a café in partnership with my sister. When I was a kid, I saw my parents working so hard in their respective businesses. I thought that it would be great to do something that I could use to help them and others like them.

School became university and I remained on the path, completing my accounting dgree. Then, after nearly 10
years of corporate tax within the ‘Big Four’ accounting firms in Sydney and several more as a partner of a ‘mid-tier’ accounting firm servicing SMEs, I finally returned to my roots!

I’ve journeyed from dreams of my mum and dad’s business through corporate, via SMEs and now back to helping small to medium businesses in hospitality and services around NSW.

This long journey has given me the ammunition to bring corporate-level expertise to a small business setting.

My pledge to you is that, if you’re committed to growing and improving your business, we’ll take the time to understand where you want to take it; then we’ll bring our expertise into play and stand by your side every step of the way as we move your business forward. As true partners.”

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hospitality or service business?

First steps to
a partnership

Need help solving immediate and pressing problems like compliance? Or are there deeper issues or loftier goals we can help you with?

We’ll come to you. But it all starts with you telling us a bit more about your business…

PO Box 1028,
Jindabyne NSW 2627

Tel: 1300 793 196
E-mail: info@universalpartnership.com.au

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