External Accounts Department

External Accounts Department

Done-for-you accounting & tax:

Still handling most of the bookkeeping, tax, and accounting yourself? This may be holding your business back. No matter how good you are at the numbers, it’s not the best use of time or resources.

If you’re committed to growing your chain of pubs, hotels, cafes or other service business, why not allow accounting professionals to put your mind at rest, while you plough your energies into more important things?

Everything done for you – all in one place

You will effectively have an all-in-one accounts department – without the salaries, sick leave, and superannuation to pay. No more clunky spreadsheets! Bookkeeping, tax, and financial reporting all gets done on time, with full compliance that keeps the ATO and ASIC happy. And you can get on with growing the business rather than worrying about accounting.

You stay in control!

Cloud technology enables a streamlined, efficient, and compliant accounting system with our help. Not only that – our system is designed to keep you in control with full oversight at all times.

As a hospitality business, you may require weekly reports; this is easily arranged. For pubs, we can create weekly dashboards that provide all the information you need to make decisions, updated within a few days of the week ending. If you require monthly and quarterly reports in your business, that’s easy too.

External accounts department services include:

  • Budgets, cash flow, and forecasting
  • Process efficiency
  • Acquisition advice
  • Preparing financial statements
  • Annual reporting
  • Business planning
  • Business and financial structure
  • ASIC & ATO compliance
  • Entity setups
  • Tax planning
  • Tax returns
  • Tax advisory
  • Payroll tax and PAYG
  • Land tax
  • Gaming tax

Remember: you stay in control with full visibility – but we do the legwork!


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