External CFO

External CFO

Ease the pressure on financial decision-making in your hospitality or service business.

If you run a small or medium-sized hospitality or service business in NSW, you probably do most of the decision-making yourself – or with your spouse or partner. This can get stressful at times and probably does little for your quality of life.

Whether you run a café business that you’re trying to grow, or a small chain of pubs or hotels, it helps to be able to call upon professional financial advice for the big decisions… if only for the peace of mind and support it can bring.

Corporate-level financial advice in small business settings

By appointing an external CFO, you’re adding an extra layer of financial expertise to your business; an independent professional who can often see things a little more clearly for being ‘outside’ the business.

Our strength is in bringing together experience from many years of corporate accounting and tax, many years working with SMEs, and a keen eye for the needs of small businesses in the hospitality and service sectors.

You can rely on us to provide guidance and help with the following:

  • Independent financial analysis & consulting
  • Acquisition advice
  • Streamlining accounting systems
  • Accurate financial reporting
  • Development of performance dashboards
  • Preparation of financial statements
  • Bank reporting
  • Finance negotiation
  • Business restructuring
  • Reducing costs
  • Risk reduction

And the best part? This expertise comes at a fraction of the cost of having a full-time financial expert on your books.

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