Running a business is like going on a journey.

Like all journeys they start with a single step and, like the best ones, they’re completed with a partner at your side. NOT the type of partner you only see once every 12 months at the end of the financial year…Here’s what to expect from your journey with us.

Book a call.

1Book a call.

Book an initial discovery call by completing a contact form, sending an email, or calling us directly.

Let’s talk.

2Let’s talk.

During the call, we’ll cover your general goals, business
requirements and, if applicable, the reasons for wanting
to change accountants (15-30 minutes).



Face-to-face meeting at your offices (or by video) to discuss specific solutions to your problems and to start building a service package according to your specific needs.

Your proposal.

4Your proposal.

If, at the end of this meeting, both parties agree to start working together, we send a fixed-fee proposal covering the scope of work, payment terms, key dates and deliverables.



Once you’ve signed the proposal, we arrange a “kick-off” meeting to get our first project underway. We’ll also arrange for your records to be moved across from your former accountants.



Regular in-person reviews (at least two per year) are conducted, which may uncover new requirements or business advisory needs.

Allies in accounting.
Partners in growth.

First steps to
a partnership

Need help solving immediate and pressing problems like compliance? Or are there deeper issues or loftier goals we can help you with?

We’ll come to you. But it all starts with you telling us a bit more about your business…

PO Box 1028,
Jindabyne NSW 2627

Tel: 1300 793 196

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